Testimonials, "expressions of interest," and who's engaged in becoming future Eco-Ambassadors through:

Green Angel Training - Basic


"I have already learned so much from the first week of training. I have started growing my own veggies, making my own cleaning supplies, using minimal water during cleaning, bathing, dish washing.  As a Green Angel, and as I continue on my own journey, I want to be able to contribute to how humans are being on the planet by educating people about it.

 I am no public speaker and I am not the most outgoing one in the crowd, but I think that if i can get through to some people, then it will be the gift of knowledge for many more people to come. It will be a chain of eye opening information that most people don't even think about, and they will tell their friends, and one of their friends will tell their friends, and so on.

 If I would of have had a class in elementary school that taught me about all the plastics and waste and how humans live and damage our world, I would have done thing a lot differently, even as a child.

The key to change is education and answering the questions too many people suppress because they don’t want to know the answer. Once someone wakes up to what we are doing to themselves and our beautiful world around us, they will follow their moral compass and hopefully it is in the direction of helping our Mother Earth and our planet, instead of destroying it." - Megan

"So far this program seems great - excellent material! I'll have time this long weekend to really sink my teeth in to it and digest the readings, videos, etc. Thanks!" - Greg

"I am very interested in joining the Green Angel Training program. I have always been interested in biology, animals, nature, and I LOVE the David Suzuki show. I would like to contribute positively to the world in which we live.

I am a registered nurse who loves working with children and families. I am interested in health promotion and disease prevention and soon came to the realization that health for all can only be achieved if our environment is healthy to begin with.

I was looking for something new... an opportunity to be my own boss and do something that I truly believe in and found this posting on GoodWork.ca.

I would be very interested in becoming a sustainability mentor because I feel passionate about what can be done to help save the environment.

How does the Green Angel Training Program work? How do I join?

Thank you for your time." - Karine

"I saw your posting at http://goodwork.ca/ and I am interested in the training to help bring consciousness. I would like occupy or create my own job with a mission to help the environment." - Julie

"Today I received information from the Green Work (people planet friendly) team about your Green Angel Training Program. I am quite interested and wish to request more information.  

I currently work part time in administration for a District School Board in Ontario.  I am a sustainable economic development volunteer practitioner currently serving as a board member of our local Transition group. 

My focus over the last 16 years has been centered around healthy housing, eco homes and general community sustainability. 

I am a certified permaculture designer. I have also studied alternative energy and building techniques.  My formal education includes Sustainable Community Development (Simon Fraser), Recreation Facilities Management (Seneca) and International Trade at Fleming.  Currently I am learning the art of feng shui and practitioner training skills with a master from the Toronto area. 
I have always thought about becoming a sustainability consultant with a focus on homes and other properties.  This could be a great foundational tool to get me going. 
I would be truly grateful and appreciative to be considered as a trainee for your program."
Thank you.
- Jenny

"I read the posting on sustainability training on goodwork.ca. I am a recent graduate from BCIT, got my Sustainable business management certificate 2 months ago and I am interested in the training you can provide. I am eager to learn where sustainability stands in today's work place. Thank you."    - Allan

"I saw an ad on goodwork.ca and thought I'd reply.

It looks as though you are training people to detox their environments, (to our ability,) and I am VERY interested in becoming a part of the solution. I am already inclined to share what I learn and I encourage people to become more aware of the products that they purchase - especially since the consumer is highly influential when it comes to what they desire.

In other words, if we all rejected cleaning products that have chemicals by not buying them, the manufacturers would offer an environmentally positive alternative in a heart beat...

Please send me more information on this training. I am highly motivated and would love to become more involved in solutions. I currently work full time but I am looking to leave my position completely. I am looking for something like this and I am not afraid to be self employed.

Thanks for your time." - Lisa

"Attached please kindly find the .doc with my answers to the review questions. Please note that I have highlighted my answers in yellow.

I would love the opportunity to ask you a few questions with respect to the business side of things. I am happy to discuss this via e-mail or over the phone. Please let me know what your preference is.

I also want to express how very glad I am to have decided to do this training. As heavy as the information is, I feel empowered by it and want to impart as much of it onto others as possible so that they too can make informed, sustainable decisions in their daily lives." - Kerri