Best Laundry Detergents: UBC Study

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The University of British Columbia’s Student Housing and Hospitality services was looking for a green laundry detergent to introduce for sale at residence laundry facilities and mini-marts. The project aimed to find a brand of laundry detergent that meets sustainability, environmental impact and economic criteria. UBC has committed to the Water Action Plan and the Sustainability Plan, therefore, recommendations were aligned with these policies. Triple bottom line assessment is used to analyze multiple “green” laundry detergents. Research methods include a survey among UBC students and a performance test on five brands of laundry detergents from results of the polling, Tide was set as a benchmark. Based on the criteria and the testing, two brands were recommended for resale at UBC residences: Vancouver Only and Nellie’s. Two more were identified for a very close second choice at a higher price points for liquid and power detergents.

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